Our Public Market

A couple months ago at Mother Sponge headquarters, we were on cloud nine when we discovered some new neighbors in the giant Frasier boiler warehouse, half a block from our doorstep – a PUBLIC MARKET! The San Diego Public Market is coming. And unsurprisingly, people are stoked. A final tally today found close to 1,400 people backed the project on Kickstarter, raising close to $150,000!

Catt White (one of our most prominent farmers' market managers) and her partner in crime Dale Steel (public market guru) have spent many years researching and plotting to make this happen, so this current and highly social chapter is actually somewhere in the middle of their story. Lots of hard work lies ahead, but these two couldn't be a better fit for the job.

Check out their Kickstarter video for more info... and we'll drop more news as things progress down here in Barrio Logan.