Death For Food

One of our good friends, the photographer and dreamer Jaime Fritsch, has started a new series of images documenting animal slaughtering on small farms. Using a 50mm lens, Fritsch hopes the images will help the viewer get one step closer to everyday food without distorting the reality of the subject. Jaime's vision for the series is to faithfully depict the reality of the slaughtering process happening on small farms, arguably the best-case scenario in terms of humane meat production. In Fritsch's words,

This is not a series on brutal, cruel slaughterhouses; nor is it a series on ethical, humane practices. This is about the sheer act of death for food.

WARNING: The chicken slaughter in the second half of this post is very graphic, so don't scroll down if you're concerned about seeing some pretty intense imagery of blood.

The first shoot includes two pigs, eating and mulling about their pen, with eerily human eyes and cute little curly-Q tails.


The second shoot was during a chicken slaughter, capturing some intensely graphic images of the process, including some breathtaking mid-air blood droplets unlike anything we've ever seen.


We're excited to see how the series unfolds and would love to hear what you think of Fritsch's work.